Inquisitors of the Calixis Sector

++ Faith without deeds is worthless. ++
WARNING! Access of these case files without proper
Inquisition authorization is a criminal act extremorum,
punishable by torture-penance and execution.


The following is a list of Inquisitors that an Acolyte may have trained under, with their attendant benefits:

Ordo Xenos

Inquisitor Erasmus Vilane (Puritan)

A severe man of indeterminate age who carries a perpetual scowl, he dutifully protects the imperium from the Enemy Without but has been known to stay his hand and speak to the xeno if only to protect human lives.
Training: +3 Perception and gain one rank of Interrogation
Disposition: Vilane likes his Acolytes to be forceful: direct but to not fall into traps or scare off the target. He likes a clever application of overwhelming force.

Inquisitor Augustine Mordecai (Puritan)

A forthright and straightforward individual who believes in the absolute superiority of man, he views all other species as beneath contempt. He revels in the death and destruction of xenos in all its forms.
Training: +3 Ballistic Skill and gain one rank of Demolition
Disposition: Mordecai believes in the overwhelming application of destructive power, and has no qualms about innocents caught in the crossfire, for those souls are protected by the Emperor of Mankind.

Inquisitor Staven Arcturos (Radical)

With an inquisitive mind dedicated to the study of xenos in all its myriad forms, he believes that only through close study can the true nature of xenos be understood. He focuses on methods that may allow him to divine the future, and some say he traffics with the mysterious Eldar.
Training: +3 Weapon Skill and gain one rank in Forbidden Lore (Xenos)
Disposition: Arcturos wishes for his Acolytes to take the opportunity to study the xenos in depth to gain the greatest tactical advantage. He detests the immediate destruction of xenos artifacts and individuals, deeming it a waste of potential intel. He believes in gaining any advantage regarding the future actions of his opponents.

Ordo Hereticus

Inquisitor Orion Orestes (Puritan)

A middle-aged man with an accepting demeanor. He is fair-minded and considerate, but takes great efforts in promoting and maintaining the Amalathian creed.
Training: +3 in Fellowship and one rank in Scrutiny
Disposition: Orestes believes in a rational approach to investigations, but prefers his Acolytes to err on the side of caution. He has no hesitation in condemning an innocent if it means a chance of eliminating heresy.

Inquisitor Septimus Golgol (Purtian)

A young adept only recently made Inquisitor, but fast rising in the ranks. He is dogged in his pursuit of xenos threats, going so far as to enter into battle alongside his Acolytes if they are in need of his presence. This has gotten him into great danger more thna once, but he views it as doing his duty to the Holy Inquisition.
Training: +3 in Agility and one rank in Silent Move
Disposition: Golgol prefers his Acolytes practice stealth and subtlety, believing the greatest advantage lies when an enemy does not know you are coming.

Inquisitor Astrid Skane (Radical)

A formidable woman, she exudes the rough authority of a her former life as a seasoned arbitrator officer. Tough and resourceful, she is one of the most active of the Tyrantine Cabal’s Inquisitors, happy to get her hands dirty rooting out corruption. She has particular interest in the appearances of the Tyrant Star throughout the Calixis Sector.
Training: +3 Toughness and one rank in Intimidate
Disposition: Skane respects those who respect her, treats her more skilled Acolytes as equals, and has little time for pomp and appearances. She prefers her Acolytes be people of action rather than look to her for guidance on every issue.

Inquisitor Requis Corina (Radical)

A venerable woman who was in her twilight years well over two hundred years ago, she has amassed an impressive hidden empire of confidants, agents, acolytes, interrogators and even other inquisitors who all, knowingly or not, work for the old crone.
Training: +3 Willpower and gain one rank of Inquiry
Disposition: All encompassing and ever present, Corina’s network is like a spider’s web and as she often reminds her underlings “When a insect steps on the web, the spider kills it”. She likes her Acolytes to gather information and make traps all for the perfect chance to bring the Heretic to justice.

Ordo Malleus

Inquisitor Maul Harkness (Puritan)

A self professed simple man with simple desires, like the extermination of roving Chaos warbands and pirates, the banishment of Chaos manifestations in all their forms, and a nice cup of tea at the end of the day.
Training: +3 Strength and Fearless
Disposition: The Harkness school of warfare is simple, gain overwhelming numbers and advantage, then purge the unholy for the God-Emperor. He expects Acolytes under his tutelage to become living hammers of the Imperium’s justice, and looks very poorly on those Acolytes who disappoint him.

Inquisitor Antonia Mesmeron (Radical)

Mesmeron works from the shadows, and those who serve her usually do so in ignorance of the identity of their master, nor do most know that they are acolytes of the Inquisition. She has no qualms about sacrificing their lives or worse as she feels necessary. Indeed, Mesmeron is believed long lost by most in the Holy Ordos that have heard of her name, and, even in Ordo Malleus where she once served openly, she is thought to be dead — although some no doubt know the truth.
Training: +3 Intelligence and Dark Soul
Disposition: Many of those agents that the rogue Daemonhunter employs operate on the fringe of the Imperium as freelance infiltrators, mercenaries, and assassins. Those agents who have earned their places as Mesmeron’s Acolytes have seen more than their fair share of horrors.

Inquisitors of the Calixis Sector

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